Migrating database from cloud to self hosted

I'm trying to migrate my db and followed the guidance here to export each table into csv. I'm seeing that my tables that have JSON type fields aren't exporting in the CSV and therefore not importing to my self-hosted db. Happy to send a data sample, could someone investigate internally and see if this is consistent?

Hey @tiffany! How are you exporting the data to CSV? I was able to get the RetoolDB table data into a Retool app and then export that data with the table's built in download functionality. Using that CSV to create and populate a different RetoolDB table works. Happy to try with different data if you like.
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 2.07.56 PM

Hi! I was using the export CSV option directly from the db table. The limitation with using this table component is that the queries are limited by size so if I wanted to do a mass export, I'd have to chunk my query to export only a few rows at a time. On the other end, table imports are limited to 10MB, so even after I export all my data it seems to still be limited by how much I'm able to import. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to be doing this export and import between the two databases. Is there an easier way?

@tiffany Thanks, there does seem to be a difference in that export to CSV functionality. I'll submit a bug report for that now.

In terms of best practices, there are a few other threads (1, 2, as a couple of examples) in the Forum that have some discussion on the topic. Most users are using a third party service, though I'd imagine that you could also write a workflow to do this as well.

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