Support resources with Custom Authentication in Workflows

API works great but is seems not to reauthenticate in a worflow. After I re-auth manual it works. What can be the cause? Authentication is time based.

After calling I store the token as "access_token". I also store a expire_in variable

Tested the time mechanisme and it works fine:

So what can be the reason retool in not reauthenticating when running the workflow?

As far as I know custom auth is not supported in workflows at this time. Last I checked I couldn't find this stated in the docs either but when opening a ticket I saw


I executed the auth flow within the workflow for the time being. It's not ideal but works for now

@matth Thanks for the assist!

@Etuzy As noted above, resources with custom authentication are not currently supported. This is something that we have on the roadmap and will be tackling. I don't have an ETA right now, but will update you all here as I get any additional information. I'll also move this over to Feature Requests. Thanks!