Subscription or trial is ending banner

If you see a "Your subscription is ending in a month" or a "Subscription is ending in x days" banner at the top of the screen, this means that Retool needs to update the payment for your plan.

This typically happens because we need to approve a recent payment, or your team needs to coordinate with Retool for your next payment. If it's the latter, we can still hide the banner from your end users while we sort out the details!

What to do?

1). Ideally, find out who your Retool admin is at your company.
2). Have your admin reach out to your account executive here at Retool.
3). From there, we’ll sort out the billing & reset your account so that the banner goes away.
4). The banner should disappear from the UI on the next license key check (every 6 hours) or if you go to your advanced settings page and press "check key" to manually check this.

I don't see that option in the advanced setting.

I've added payment method and confirmed that "You've successfully subscribed to the Retool Business plan..." however I keep getting met with free trial ended popup. I'm unable to edit or use the app at all.

Hi @ngobuzz Have you restarted your containers? Assuming you're using Retool self hosted, I would try that as a next step!

If that doesn't sort it out, can you send me the email address used to set up the account? (either here or in DM)

Hi @ngobuzz I just followed up in our conversation, but posting here as well. You should be all set now :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:

Same error on our side, our entire team is blocked for several days without answer from the support :frowning:

@Tess could you help us?

Hi @agustan Thanks for flagging! I see that my teammate, Jen, reached out a couple of hours ago

@Tess Our organisation, has a subscription valid until 2025, yet the platform shows it expires in 8 hours.
Tried to reach Retool support but no help yet.

This is urgent!! could you please help?

Hi Paurnima_Shewale,

Thanks for flagging! Yes, I see your email to Retool Support & we are looking into it

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It got resolved!! Thanks a lot for quick response!