Stretch to fit containers

Would be nice if the module containers had the options to stretch to fit vertically or horizontally to fit the object. In my usage I'm showing certain components conditionally and it's annoying how the module needs to be manually changed to its largest height when all the components are showing but when they're hidden it leaves a huge amount of whitespace.

Hi @hanni! We are actually in the process of rolling out "auto" height for Modules as we speak! You'll be able to switch existing Modules on the canvas to "auto" via the Inspector, and new Modules dragged onto the canvas will default to this setting. If you don't see the option yet, check back soon!

Seems I may have used the wrong terminology. I think what I was referring to is actually the module container. In your image it looks like this is just a text field component.

Hi @hanni! This is coming out for the module container :slight_smile: