Feature request: Auto height for the entire canvas

Continuing the discussion from Auto height for the entire app:

+1 on this one.

For exemple, we need the principal container of the app to take the whole height of the screen.
Currently, the option «Auto» sets for a minimum height according to the contente of the container.
We need the opposite, aka sets the maximum height to fit the screen.
Apps will look so much better.

This is especially true when using a container with a footer as the main element in the canvas

Thank you!


@MicExpert @PatrickMast have you tried using the "Expand content to fit" control? If you enable it on the main frame you should be able to achieve this layout pattern (the control is available on both the main frame and containers)

It's available in 3.13+!

In this screenshot I've enabled it on both the main frame and the primary container so the table can take up the entire page but still have a footer at the bottom:



Thank you.
Expanding from the main frame did the trick.
I didn't know it was available for the main frame.