Flicker between apps

Hi All,

I'm currently trying to create a 'super app' - which is made up of many different apps.

To start - I'm working out the navs /breadcrumbs etc (Which is a bit of a clunky challenge - would appreciate any guidance on how best to do this, seems quite unintuitive)....

However - I notice when i click between apps I get a flicker on my side bar /nav - does anyone get this and does anyone know why /how to avoid?


It's not the most seamless experience.


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Hi Neil,

The flickering is something we've been looking into. What version of Retool are you on? Thanks!

Hi Tess,

Cloud - 3.37.0 i believe....


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Still happening for me. When running an event handler to go into another app, it'll flash white across the screen, re-appear the first app and then jump into the other. It's jarring.

white flicker

The reload of the first app was not happening before. I noticed that my url is going crazy when there are hash parameters.. I wonder if this is causing the issue.

Thank you both. It sounds like there was a few iterations of this issue - some of which have been fixed, but our team is aware and still investigating this

Thanks Tess.

Fwiw - it is still there for me.

I would like to add a +1 and follow to this post. Flickering is jarring and looks very bad.

It is also present in my apps. Following.

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Hi! I'm seeing this every time I run a "GoToApp" action. The current page flashes and then it goes to the next app... is this the same thing?
retool flicker

Yes, that looks like one of the issues we're looking into

Any news on this? I haven't found a way to avoid it. The behavior is that as soon as the new app url is in the address bar, the page blinks, and after that it opens the actual page.

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Thanks for checking in! Unfortunately, I don't have an update on this one yet :disappointed:

I see. It is quite disturbing being that this is a very basic behavior (and it used to work OK... this is a recent development).
Anyway, aside from having multi-page apps, do you see any other solution?


I'm not aware of another solution :disappointed:


Any update on this?