Strange error on resources from a module


I have a few queries exported as outputs in a module.
Now I'm receiving a strange error like:
Unable to retrieve information about the query "moduleName::outputName".

Any advice?

Hi again,

I've tried to solve the problem moving the queries back to the main application but now I am receiving this message:
"Unable to retrieve information about the query ..."
It appears when I call on the query the invalidateCache() and trigger()
In the console there is no trace of the message, it only appears as a notification on failure

I can't understand the source of the error, can you please help me?
What can I try to investigate the issue?


Hey @Gianluca_Mereu!

Would you mind posting screenshots of the error along with the query itself and where it's being triggered? Happy to take a look and suggest things to try if I notice anything :slightly_smiling_face: