Unexpected - invalid namespace

I'm loving Retool! It makes building internal tools and apps a breeze, saving us tons of time and hassle. Big shoutout to the Retool team for their awesome work!

I have a problem with the modules in my Retool application. I have a nested module that executes a query to a resource requiring authorization. When I launch the application, it prompts me to enter the authorization data. After doing so, when I navigate to the nested module, I encounter the following error: Unexpected - invalid namespace.

In the debug console, I see this message:

moduleA1::moduleA1::moduleB1::queryFromModuleB1 failed (0s): Unexpected - invalid namespace

However, after refreshing the page, everything works as expected, and the query in the console appears as:


Additionally, when I try to pass the same path in the moduleA1 edit mode, everything functions correctly.

I believe the issue might be within the main application, but I am unable to pinpoint the exact problem. Any help or suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Retool version: 3.30.4

I managed to solve the problem by reducing the app structure to just one level of module nesting.

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