Stop query from running when additionalScope is null

from @mpmohi:

WoW, that would be a very nice feature I am sure many user will appreciate this.
On this topic I have another question

in the image station_type is coming as additional scope and based on it's value I'm selecting the data array. Now consider a scenario where this query is triggered but I don't have any data/null on the data.

Currently the query keeps running, I can't find any way to stop it except reloading. is there any way to stop query execution ? I believe some options were added in workflow but not sure about query.

Thanks again for your hard work. keep it up :smiley_cat:

Hey @mpmohi! I don't think there's a great way to currently stop running queries, but you can make a change in the query (e.g. add a space at the end) and then use your keyboard to cmd + S (to save the query). Is that what you're looking to do?

Yes something like that but having a button on UI beside run button that might be 'cleaner solution'

Definitely! It would be a really helpful feature, especially with large, long-running queries.

This has been requested internally, so I linked the ticket to this thread and will update you if we make any changes :slight_smile: