Add additionalScope gui input fields in event handlers

This is great post, thanks for it. Just curious if there is any plan to pass additional scope from gui -> control query.
That would simplify the process and we won't have to rely on run script everywhere.

Hey @mpmohi! Thanks for reading and for the kind words :slight_smile:

And actually, I think we may have just pushed this feature (to go live with our next deploy, likely sometime next week) :eyes:


WoW, that would be a very nice feature I am sure many user will appreciate this.

Thanks again for your hard work. keep it up :smiley_cat:

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HI, is this in roadmap yet?, would be really useful to set additionalScopes in GUI, like a text field to do something like

{scope1: "val1", scope2: "val2"}

This would be usefull