Request for additionalScope to not lint red

I would love it if there was some way to format the input in your query to indicate it's an additional scope so the code editor doesn't indicate errors whenever I edit my app.


I can look past the red squiggly in the editor, but the errors in my debug console are harder to ignore.



Debug console:


@victoria Am I doing something wrong or are the errors part of cost of doing business with additional scope?

Hey @awilly! You're not doing anything wrong :slight_smile: This is unfortunately the cost of doing business with additional scope, *but* we're working on addressing this now!


Thanks for the response! Glad to hear you have a something in the works. It's a minor thing (the debug errors), but I spent alot of time looking at it.

Definitely valid. Thank you for your understanding while we work on improving this behavior!

Didn't forget about this request! We should have some exciting updates to share here soon :eyes:


Also interested in resolving this. Looking forward to the update, thanks for your work!

Hey @MaximeD! This should have been fixed in Cloud as of Nov 7 '23, and fixed in Self Hosted on the 3.22 release. Are you still seeing this bug on cloud?

Hi Victoria, thanks for the update!
It looks like it's not fixed here (cloud version). I see it on two levels :

  • When defining explicit additional scope, it still shows as a linting error in the console, although the code runs fine.

  • As described by @kindredAsaf, when defining input for a query

Thanks for your help!

As @MaximeD hinted at, the Additional Scope declaration property is not available in GUI mode queries.

In fact it appears to also be missing from Import from Query Library and REST queries.

Good start though, I am slowly updating my queries as I touch them.

Thank you for the screenshots and clear summaries, @MaximeD and @bradlymathews! Filed a report for improper linting patterns in GUI mode, Imported from Query Library and REST queries.

+1 on this one

Still open?