additionalScope in GUI mode

This post suggests adding an "additionalScope" input field to the Control Query GUI.
This seems to have been implemented in some way
if additionalScope is defined in the SQL Mode of the query.

Why not add the option to define additionalScope in the GUI Mode as well? Right now it works if you define it in SQL Mode and then swap to the GUI Mode, but this behaviour seems unintuitive and confusing.


+1 on this - I've often found myself using "Run Script" as I need to pass additional scope but then maintaining code and reviewing changes becomes harder

+1 omg I never thought of setting it in SQL mode then just switching back, I've always wondered why it was missing though! thanks for the workaround!!!!

It's on our roadmap, but hasn't been prioritized yet :disappointed: Will share these +1s with the team!

Hey there, I just wanted to add a +1 to this! I ran into this issue several times in the past 3 months...