Stop all queries from running

so I have app (A) and it uses a module. This module runs a query and if there is an error it loads a app (B).

I caused the module to Always error by accident. Now I can't edit the module or App (A) because it quickly loads App (B)

I thought is I deleted the module (permanently) it wouldn't be able to run. but it still is running.

Is there a way to edit and APP and tell it not to run any queries (some hidden querystring)
how is my App still loading the module if I permanently deleted it

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I've done this at least three times. Throw in this URL param then turn off the query

"URL to your app in edit mode"?_historyOffset=5 (depending on how many steps you need to go back).

(Thanks again for the fix Justin)

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Really Thanks @stevenhdsdoor