App stuck in redirect-on-load

I have an app that is running a query on page load, and I accidentally set that query to redirect to another app on success.

So when I load App #1 , the query runs, succeeds and immediately redirects to App #2 before I can edit the app to make it stop doing that.

Is there a way to either prevent the query from redirecting? Something like a keyboard shortcut to kill all running queries would be great, although I don't see that specifically in the docs. Is there an easy way to make the query fail? So far, attempting to kill my wifi connection in that very brief window has proven frustrating. I could try changing the DB credentials but that also seems dumb. Is there a smarter way to break this redirect?

Ok I managed to snipe it by turning off the wifi from the terminal

networksetup -setairportpower Wi-Fi off

Same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. In the future you can use _historyOffset

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Thank you very much for chiming in here, @benbarry!

Agreed that using the historyOffset parameter is the best way to undo a breaking change.

For queries specifically, you can also hit cmd s (while the query is open in the bottom) to save the query, which also stops it from running. Depending on how things are set up (if there’s an infinite loop somewhere), the query may start firing again and that’s when historyOffset would be a great way to undo the cause of the loop.

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