Endless page load Loop

So, I've done this to myself twice now and if I've done it I am sure others have.

I have a query running on page load (By mistake) that is taking me back to that same page which has created an endless loop that I cannot stop because the page is reloading before I have a chance to intervene.

Is there an easy shortcut to kill queries or something I can do to stop this nightmare.

In the past I did it very early in an app, this time I'm deeper and don't want to use the "F it, I'm starting over" method that was previously used.


Thanks to Justin with Retool.

Adding the param "?_historyOffset=5" took be back in time before I made the silly mistake and I was able to edit the query to only run when manually triggered. You can change the 5 to however many steps back you need to go. Worked like a charm.