Staging mode on app to staging on workflow?

I have multiple apps on retool through which users can trigger worflows on retool.

I have recently moved to the paid plan to use the staging and production modes. The documentation however is really minimal for this.

Question - will apps being used in staging mode automatically trigger workflows to use staging resources? If not, how do we set this up to work?

Hey @Isv! I *think* the Workflow will use the default environment specified in the trigger field:

If you want to trigger a Workflow in a specific environment, the best workaround would definitely be to create separate Workflows (to each hit production vs staging vs testing data) and trigger each one depending on which environment you want.

We're working on supporting this going forward, though! Likely we’ll allow for a query param like ?environment=staging at the end of the Webhook.

fyi: it seems that the ?environment=staging / ?environment=production parameter has been implemented.

It is not mentioned in the Retool changelog though (at least so far)

hey @p0wl and @lsv! So for Cloud this was released June 16th with this changelog note in that Cloud release:

  • Added support for specifying the environment to use for webhook-triggered workflows.

For self-hosted, this is available for folks on version 3.4.2 with a feature flag enabled (would need to reach out to us to turn it on) and it will be generally available on self-hosted later this month, targeting v3.8.0!

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Circling back to confirm that specifying environment to use for webhook-triggered workflows is now available on self-hosted version 3.8.0 and up, in addition to being available on Cloud as mentioned above :rocket:

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