Production/Staging in Editor always reflected in Production/Public app

Hi guys,

I noticed something very unusual today.

If you switch an app in Editor mode to the Staging resource, this also switches the live published/public app to use the Staging resource!! I tested this a couple of times using data I knew to be on Production but not Staging and it appears to be the case.

This somewhat defeats the point of having a Staging resource for development. If I switch to Staging while developing, my users are also then editing data in the live copy of the app on Staging, not Production?!

In the meantime, we will have to develop changes against Staging in entirely separate copies of Apps and then shift changes by way of app link not release workflow…



Hi Jack!

Switching from production to staging resources creates a flag in your cache which signifies that you’re now using Retool in staging mode (toggling back to production would then remove it). This flag is only stored locally, and wouldn’t be able to globally change an apps production datasource. Clearing your cache, or having another user access the instance should verify that this is functioning correctly.

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