SQL Query: Unable to retrieve information about the query

Goal: Run an update query in retool triggered by an onSuccess Handler of a js script
Problem: Retool keeps returning 404 for the query name after updating the query by adding a couple of fields to the changeset.

Steps Tried Already:

  • Rename the query
  • Make a new query and delete the old one
  • Duplicate the query and used the duplicated one while keeping the old one

Error message shown and also in the network tab

    "statusCode": 404,
    "error": "Not Found",
    "message": "Unable to retrieve information about the query \"save_energy\"",
    "data": null

The weird thing is that the query works in the edit mode.
The query also works if we use the preview in user mode link. Only doesn't work in the embedded version displaying a specific branch.

We have retool enterprise and are using source control. This error is seen in the 'staging' branch.
I can see the query has been committed on github.

Did some more digging, any new query added also returns 404

The issue is not present in the 'user mode' links generated, but only embedded links with a branch specified

I'm having this same problem.

We are also using enterprise and source control. My new query is using an existing S3 resource with the "Download a file from S3" action type. The query is in a module. On my branch with the new query, if I am running the module in isolation, the file downloads successfully. If I am running the parent App that loads the module (both are included in my branch), the download fails.

The Retool Audit Log doesn't list the failed attempts to call the query, but I do see the successful calls logged.

The 404 appears to be a call from the Retool web client to the Retool server (where we are hosting on-prem), and not related to the eventual S3 target of the query. The Chrome Developer Tools reports the 404 as from the URL
POST https://ourdomainname.com/api/pages/uuids/d895f930-46c2-11ee-91e4-3bf4ee28a84b/query?queryName=downloadFileFromS3

Hi @Darsh_Patel, do you have the "multiplayer" feature enabled in your org?

We don't use the multiplayer feature.
I see "multiplayerEditingEnabled": false in the commits for source control

For my example, after merging my PR branch to main, the S3 query (when running the main branch) is working correctly.

Yep! Same issue with me. Rendering the source control/branches useless essentially considering no new queries are recognised.

Hey folks! The dev team has pushed some fixes to resolve this issue. Please let me know if you all are still seeing the same behavior!

Hi @Kabirdas in what version were this changes released?

Hey @fmaltafleury-techinsights! This was deployed as a hotfix in version 3.21.0

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