Changes in git source code from local repository push not reflecting in the Retool UI


Introduction: I am relatively new to the retool development. I am a backend engineer myself coming heavily from Java background and I like to work with different technologies and tools. Recently I have been working on altering the SQL queries and Javascript queries built by my team. The task mainly revolves around optimization of the query performance for which I would delete certain queries to make the Retool UI query less on our MySQL datasource which is costing us astronomical bills.

Background of the problem: In order to change the queries I wanted to see the usages of those SQL queries from the UI. There was no way to do that from what I could research from your documentation. Therefore, I cloned my retool repository (on my laptop) and made the changes in that source code straightforwardly expecting the changes to take effect on the UI automatically. Committed and pushed the changes on the same branch.

Deployment info

  • Retool docker container on our AWS ECS -- self hosted.
  • We use the latest docker container.

The problem:
The retool is configured with my senior's git credentials. A change made on the repository shows the changes made by my senior even if I make the changes on the Retool UI.

But when I make the changes in the source code itself (that commits the changes with my git credentials), they do not appear in the commit history in the retool.

Visually (TL;DR):
Changes in Retool UI ---> reflects ---> Git commit history ---> OK!
Changes in Git source code ---> should reflect ---> Retool UI ---> not working.

Future feature request (side topic):
Would be helpful to know where a certain query is used and in which UI element.

Looking forward to hearing from you;
I've been stuck at it for 3 days now.

Kind regards.

Hey @Shayan thanks for asking about this - hope this info is helpful at least to point you in a useful direction! I'm sure others may also be looking for the same info, so appreciate you adding this to help knowledge-share in the public forum :slight_smile:

Regarding: Changes in Git source code ---> should reflect ---> Retool UI ---> not working.

We don't pull down any other branches into Retool other than the one that is specified in the source control setup (generally main or master, but could literally be anything). You'd have to merge changes into that branch in Github in order for the Source Control to trigger a redeploy and pull those changes down into Retool. More about deployment when using Source Control here:

Regarding: Would be helpful to know where a certain query is used and in which UI element.

There's a way to see resource usage at the App level - how many apps a resource is used in (first screenshot showing the Resources page), and which app names use a particular resource (on that Resource's settings page) under "Usage".

To see which UI elements a resource is used in, you can also select the query in the debug console within a Retool app in edit mode to see what components depend on that query: