Sluggish table scrolling

Hi There,

I have a scrollable table that has 1,188 results. Scrolling down the table seems really sluggish, even on an unconstrained high power computer. I am not sure server-side or client-side pagination is going to work, I set the result limit of the SQL query to 300 results and the performance is the same.

Is there any way to measure or determine performance constraints so I can come up with a solution to overcome this limitation? Customer seems fairly frustrated with performance, and I must admit if I were using this every day I would agree.

Looking for any ways to start learning what the possible cause might be.

Hi @Tawney! Have you seen these docs?

We also have these docs, but for apps in general (not just queries):

Let me know if you still have any questions or if you're still seeing a sluggish table!