Slow app loading

Without making any calls to get data, my app makes 340 requests for resources, has 2.6MB transferred and takes 30 sec to load.
Is there any way to reduce app load time?
Can I set a config setting to bundle the files that are loaded?
Can I point to a CDN which is geographically closer?
My app consists primarily of:

  • A list box
  • A tab container with 8 tabs
  • Each tab has a table
  • Multiple modal dialogs

I've read about splitting into multiple apps, but if this is app load time, then I'd expect a worse experience rather than an improved one.

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Hey @reddeer_admin!

It sounds as though you may already have read through our docs on best practices for performant apps but want to link them here anyway just in case. I'm curious to know what the load time is for smaller apps in your org.

Unfortunately, we do not host a closer CDN at the moment though it is possible to self-host Retool so that its backend is located much closer to you.

Is this something you're seeing in other apps as well? Did you notice a particular spike in app load time at some point during development?

We only have the one app in our organisation.
I can try to experiment with some smaller ones when I get a moment.
Here is what the network tab reports on Ctrl-F5

Hi @reddeer_admin

Circling back on this issue. It might help if you can provide us with a .har file via direct message or write to us via intercom and grant permission to step into your app so that we can look at it more directly. The former, which has instructions here, will let us take a look at exactly what you're seeing in your network requests. While the latter will also give us a good diagnostic picture. And we can see if there might be any other changes that can be made to help improve performance.