Signature Pad - clearValue() and resetValue() not working as expected

Hi friends!

I have a signature pad inside a form component, along with approx 40 other standard fields. On form submission, a successful series of database inserts and s3 uploads will trigger a form1.clear() - works great, except it doesn't affect the signature pad. I tried adding a signature_image.resetValue() and signature_image.clearValue() onto that successful event handler, no luck. I even put a button in the app, and tried to call those same functions with an "on click" event handler, but still no effect.

Here's some screenshots, in case they help:


What do y'all think? How do I clear the signature pad?

Hi David, this a bug in Retool. While I don't have a specific timeline for the fix, it will be prioritized by our team. For now, it looks like the best way to clear that signature is with the circular arrow in the upper right corner of the signature box.