Form.clear doesn't work in Google Chrome

Hey there.

I built a form on retool which is populated by a get query. It allows me to change data within the form and submit the change. I want all fields to be empty after submission, so I added a form1.clear() action as a Success event handler for the query that's run when submitting the form.

I noticed that the form clears correctly on Firefox, but on Chrome it resets to the values previously fetched by the get query. To me this looks like a bug in Retool. Can you investigate this?

You should not have to add the function/event handler as it's built in (at bottom of screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 8.26.36 AM

Thanks, Scott! Your hint helped me. The functionality I want (clearing), is not built-in. But the checkbox "Reset after successful submit" was ticked, so probably this conflicted, leading to a reset in data instead of clearing. Setting this to false solved the issue.

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