Image Input not reseting/clearing captured picture preview

Hi there!

I'm creating a mobile app to submit product pictures for evaluation. After each submission, or if reset button is clicked, the information and the captured picture should be erased (the operator will submit another product info and pic).

However I am not able to reset/clear captured pictures from the component display. Is there a way to programmatically clear the small preview image after a picture has been taken on the Image Input component on mobile (same behavior as clicking the small x on the image preview)?

Additional info:
I've tried ImageInput.resetValue() and ImageInput.clearValue() but neither erase the image preview. (Both methods erase the ImageInput.value, but the ImageInput.files is not erased and the preview image continues to be displayed).

I've attached two images, first one with the captured image, where ImageInput.value and ImageInput.files have their values set, and second picture after I've ran resetValue() and clearValue(), where ImageInput.value is cleared, but not display.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Castellove!

I'm definitely seeing the same thing and haven't quite figured out a way to get the original screen to show (without the image previews).

I submitted a bug report for this and will let you know once we can support programmatically fully clearing the image input! Thank you for surfacing this.

Thanks @victoria! Appreciate the reply and looking forward for the fix :slight_smile:

Good news! We've fixed this :slight_smile: Thank you for surfacing this. The fix should go live with our next Cloud Deploy (sometime in the next few days). Let me know if you're still blocked by the end of the week, though!