Signature component On Capture event not triggered


I've added a Signature component to my app and once signature has been submitted, a JS query should run to convert the image to Base64.
The JS query itself runs fine with the input from the Signature component when I run the query manually.

However, when I try to trigger the JS query "On capture", it doesn't get triggered at all.
I tried using the "Control query" and the "Run script" to trigger the query, but nothing happens.

When I put console.log("run"); in the run script, it also doesn't show up in the console, so I presume that the On capture event isn't working at all. There is hower no other option available.

Bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

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This is a bug. Thanks for reporting! Will fix ASAP.

Hey Marc, this is Braden from the forums :slight_smile: (ignore the name, I'm using a shared account). This bug should be fixed in the web editor as of ~1pm Pacific today. Fix for the native apps is incoming once we pass app store review, ETA tomorrow or Fri. Thanks for reporting!

Hi Braden,

Thanks, it seems to work now. Will do some more testing today.

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