Sidebar Resizing Upon App Load

I checked an older version of Retool and whenever an app jumped to another app, the side bar never resized like the gif below, this is a regression. It creates a janky experience.

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The two app files are attached.
b.json (21.9 KB)
a.json (16.5 KB)


+1. Having the same issue and poor user experience on multi-page apps when using the sidebar and header navigation components. Would love to see a solution where the sidebar and header can persist from app to app, without reloading, and only updating the selection highlight of the relevant navigation link and the non-navigation part of the app.


Hi there! We are working on a fix :pray:

We are also working on a larger multi-page apps project to help with performance between linked apps (more to come very soon!)

Will the fix come soon?

For the multi app improvement be coming soon?

it looks like we shipped a fix to Cloud and on prem. Have you noticed a difference? What version are you on?

The fix for this issue on embedded apps hasn't shipped quite yet (slated for Cloud v3.38.0, which comes out next week)

I'm expecting that multi-page apps will ship in April :slightly_smiling_face: