Showing foreign keyed values in place of linked id

I plan on using a table component to allow users to edit data in various data tables. But in order to maintain referential integrity for certain columns, I want to link in the "user-friendly" descriptive text instead of the paired id used in the data table. For example, the size "#5" is represented in my data table as 16 (the id for that record in the containers data table).

Ideally, I want to have a select capability that would constrain the user to only select from the values currently in the containers table.

Hey @edmartin!

Have you explored using an editable dropdown column in your table with mapped labels?

The above example uses a dropdown column in table1 whose values are populated by the query being used for table2. Note that the underlying value (in the "Option value" field) is the id of each record while the label (in the "Option label" field) is the record's email.

Let me know if that works!

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This is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!