Auto-select tags from editable tags column

I have a table(new) with a "tags" data type column that is editable. This column already has values and I want those values to automatically be selected when the user edits that cell.
Here is an example of the cell with its current values above the dropdown box and the possible options to be selected.

I would like "ticket level 1" and "ticket level 2" to be automatically selected because they are the current values in that cell.
I have looked through the options and state of the table component and looked through the docs for the table and the multiselect input and have not found anything. I have also tried searching through the forums here and the internet more broadly, to no avail. Is this currently possible with the tags column?

Hi @Nick_Lamb

Thanks for reaching out about this! It seems to be working for me :thinking: (see screenshot)

Can you share some info about your set up so we can see what is different? It would help to see a screenshot of your column set up specifically. Are you using Retool Cloud or have you deployed Retool on prem?

Here's my set up

@Tess Thank you for reaching out. Here are some screenshot of my setup. I am having to pull the names of the possible options from a different query.
Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 1.54.58 PM
Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 1.55.32 PM

In responding to you I think I have figured out why this isn't working I am comparing the id with the name and none are matching. If you have any insight on how to make this work better I would appreciate it but this realization will get me started.

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Hi @Nick_Lamb,

Ah, nice catch! I don't believe you can reference the label in the mapped value (only the value, which in your case is id). You'd have to add some js logic to determine what the value should be

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