Show query status to viewers


I was looking in the docs for the app option, "Show query status to viewers" and couldn't find it.

What does this switch option actually do? I thought it may hide these:

But that doesn't seem to be the case. Could someone tell me what this app option does? Thank you!

Hey @brettski!

That toggle is for the status that appears in the bottom right which shows which queries are currently running (and for how long):

At the moment those query notifications need to be disabled per query:

Though there is a feature request to disable them globally (which I see you've already discovered :sweat_smile: )

Thank you for the clarification @Kabirdas. I would like to suggest that the wording be changed in a way that it includes status bar, e.g. "Show status bar query status to viewers"

I believe this would make it more clear on which status is being affected.