Show information in Embedded App depending on Hosting Website

i'm planning to develop an embedded application and supply that to my customers.
However, i need to extract the URL dynamically where the embedded application is being displayed.

example: has a login to my business portal. On the retool login page, i want to display something like "welcome to"

Is this possible?

Hi @whynot, this is not possible with Retool Embed. The branding settings, are for the org as a whole.

This is how those settings look like:

Here, we can change the logo and favicon, but we cannot set those up dynamically in the way you intend.

Would that be possible with Enterprise?

The branding settings that I shared, yes. They are available on the Business and Enterprise plans. On Enterprise, you can remove the pill menu completely. Creating a custom login page per "customer" is only available using Spaces, but this is different than Retool Embed.

This is likely possible with Embed. As @Paulo highlighted any custom branding for the organization is limited to one set of logos, etc, but if you're using Embed for one app you should be able to control what's showing up in it based on the calling parent application.

The two ways I'd do this are:

  • Passing metadata on the user for embed when making the initial embed call.
  • Interacting with the retool app via two way communication. I'd read this section on controlling app behavior for an overview of both options.

However, I want to highlight that all your embedded apps will need to be hosted on the same top level domain. So, for example, you could have and, but Embed will not support and, as we support only one custom domain per retool organization/space.

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