Embed / Portal with Auth0 Login?

In the Greenly showcase they have built an extensive customer-facing portal and the host mentions using their standard Auth0 setup to provide their customers access. How is this possible? Portal uses Retool auth and Embed is for a single app. Perhaps they have built a custom React / Auth0 wrapper and uses Embed and proxies URL's as the user clicks on different apps from within the currently loaded Retool app?

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. As you mentioned, one option is to just load a new embedURL entirely from the parent app. Out of curiosity, do you have concerns or blockers with this approach?

The Retool app could use a parentWindowQuery (shown here) and listen to some value like currentApp, and if the value changes, run a JS query to navigate to another app, as you would in a regular app.

Separately, you can also simulate navigation by using a tabbed container and switching between tabs while you’re in the same app.

Thanks Tess. We ended up using auth0 and portals.

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