Shopify Inventory Dashboard

Hi everyone!

I am trying to create an inventory dashboard with a Shopify store I am working with. I need a dashboard that syncs inventory automatically with the Shopify store. So when the inventory level changes for an item on Shopify it syncs to my dashboard and reflects that. On the other side, If the inventory level changes in my dashboard it is reflected in their Shopify store.

Any ideas or tips on how I could do this? Thank you!

@Aguycalledjoe :eyes:

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Hi @allday! What a coincidence this is, I just made a video the other week about getting inventory data out of Shopify via their API:

I have another one coming out this week that goes over how to calculate your reserved inventory levels based on your active orders data. Sounds like you also want your Retool app to update the Shopify data as well - is that right? I can also cover that topic as well if you'd like.

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What are the chances? :joy:

This is so awesome!! Thank you for making this.

Yes exactly. I am trying to make a dashboard that both reflects the latest inventory levels for a product based on what is available on Shopify but can also update the inventory levels on Shopify. So for example if I change the inventory levels for a product from 10 to 5 on my dashboard, it pushed that data to Shopify.

If you have or could cover that topic that would be incredibly helpful!


Yeah for sure! I'll let you know when I have a video up for syncing the inventory levels between Shopify and a Retool app. I have another one already lined up for next week, so I'll make this inventory data sync video for the week after next.

New video just went live today - it covers some api calls to Shopify so that you can keep things updated on Shopify using a Retool app:

I've got a couple of coming out in the next couple of weeks that'll also cover using Retool to sync data from your Shopify store to a Postgres DB and then also posting updates to both.