Shopify flow plugin or RT hosted api endpoint

I’m using shopify flow to populate google sheets. With retool workflow I fetch the data from the sheet and insert it into the retool database.

Is there a better way? Can retool host an api endpoint? Or a shopify flow plugin would be nice. But a bit much to ask for :joy: maybe for Christmas

Edit: I noticed just now that there’s GraphQL for this to query Shopify from Retool. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hey @BobandBill! Just wanted to check in—Is the GraphQL query option working for you? :eyes:

Yes, most certainly. I wish I knew this was available sooner.

I also figured out that with workflows I can connect webhooks. I thought I needed an API endpoint for that but turns out, Retool can do it all.

Sometimes it’s not clear in the docs what solutions are available. Or examples are not yet there. But I’ve got everything running now. Only things I miss is more control over styling and formatting text without having to do tricks with multiple containers and components. And of course.. more basic components for mobile. But that’s for another post.