How to get shopify product data, store it or connect it as resource, filter some of the data, modify it and post it as a JSON to a webhook

Hi all, just discovered Retool and need help for our small family business. I am trying to automate a way to get up to date product data from our shopify store, filter the data I need, modify the price based on a formula and post it to a webhook in a JSON format on a scheduled routine. It would be nice to also execute this outside of the schedule for those scenarios where I don't want to wait for the schedule as I might make a change and need to send it asap. I'd love to hear your advice on the best possible way to do this please. I am not a software engineer but understand the basics of working with API's etc, love tinkering and learning.

Welcome to the Forum @Zii !

My advice is to just do this one step, one bite at a time, learning each one before going to the next. As you go you will probably have to backtrack a lot to apply lessons learned in later steps to earlier ones. Learn to navigate the docs well, learn to search the forums well, and of course come ask lots of questions.

For example:

  1. Set up an API link to Shopify
  2. Figure how to extract the data you need from Shopify
  3. Set up a Retool Database with the proper fields.
  4. Learn to use Bulk Insert queries to get the data into the database.
  5. Learn the queries you will need to the filtering
  6. Learn the queries needs to modify the data.
  7. Figure out how to format the JSON data and make a transformer to do that.
  8. Figure out the webhooks back to Shopify

Set each each step to run manually in your app as you test things out and figure out your orders and flows. Once you have it all figures out then you can tackle Workflows to figure out how to automate the parts that need it.


Thank you @bradlymathews, appreciate the step-by-step guidance and encouragement. :))

I was thinking I can create this internal tool without storing most of the data in a DB. Ideally to do a Get call for all products in shopify, transform some of the data and Post it to a different platform in JSON. There are some data I need to store in a DB that's not coming from Shopify and needs to be part of the JSON I Post. I'll do my homework to see if possible this way.