Sharing an app across accounts

A co-worker and I each separately signed up with our own accounts (not under a single org). He’s trying to share his project with me, but we keep getting stuck. When I click on the link of his app, it just prompts me to login (even if I’m already logged in), and then the redirect just takes me to my own dashboard. If he tries to add me to his project/org, it just shows an error that I already have an account. Is there any way for us to collaborate on the same project?

Thanks for the quick response @alex-westreich . Is there a way to change what organization a user belongs to? Since I signed up on my own, it appears that my co-worker is not able to add me to his org.

The retool team might be able to hack a solution to merge you into his organization. I’m not sure if you could ever fully delete your current account to re-make it under his group. Maybe a different email?

Okay thanks.

Hey @jed-wood, Alex here from Retool. Right now a user can only belong to one organization. So since you and your co-worker created two separate accounts under different organizations you can’t join their org.
There are a few solutions moving forward. You can invite your co-worker (or vice versa) using a different email address. You can also export apps from one account and import them into another.
If you want to join accounts and collaborate, you can pick one account, export all of your apps over to it, and then we can archive your old organization & account. Then your co-working can invite you to the main organization and you can create a new user account. If you want to move forward with this option, please reach out via the chat widget (floating blue icon in bottom RHS) and let us know!

Update! :slightly_smiling_face: :tada: You can now archive your own account (to help get you out of the wrong org).

You can navigate to Settings > Account > check the bottom of the page and click the "Archive account" button there.

If you run into any issues, we'll gladly help get things sorted!