Self hosted trial connecting to RDS fails


I installed the self hosted retool trial on my local machine however I am unable to connect to any AWS RDS databases.
I normally connect to these databases via a local IDE and through our VPN connector. When configuring this on my self hosted local retool, I keep seeing testconnection failed
Error: request to http://db-connector:3002/api/testConnection failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @Bart1 - The error is just saying the main Retool (api) container can't connect to the db-connector container, which is the service that will actually connect to DBs/APIs. It looks like it's trying to connect to a local IP address, though that should probably be localhost or the db-connector service name depending on how you're running them. Assuming you're running with docker locally, what does your docker-compose file look like?

Ahhh actually looks like you opened this right after we consolidated to run the db-connector service in the same container as api in the docker-compose template in our on-prem repo. We fixed a discrepancy a few days later with the service names. Just tested pulling and running the latest locally, and all worked fine. So should just need to update that configuration!