Select input values array as number


This might be silly question, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to have the value as numbers? Retool mobile keeps rendering them as string


In the segmented control [1,0] rendered as number not text

what's the underlying logic or consistency here?

That preview you're seeing is coercing to whatever type we've annotated that property as. In the case of Select it's string[], whereas for SegmentedControl it's any[]. Apologies for the confusion, we should probably include that information to let you know it's not just evaluating your code, it's evaluating your code and then coercing it to a particular type.

string[] is actually safer/better, we want all of our data types to be as consistent as possible to prevent potential bugs in user code.

(To answer your specific question, you CANNOT have the values property of Select be anything but an array of strings.)