Multi Select not Showing Selected Values


I am currently working with the multi select input and am experiencing a few issues. I am currently running on version 3.16.9.

When I am editing the values for the options in the multi select dropdown, I get this error message:

By default, "Option 3" seems to work in the value option but as soon as I change it to another text such as "Hello" I get the same issue and it does not show as selected in my multiselect dropdown.

Any idea what could be causing this bug?

Thank you!

Hello, that error message, as I can assume, is just visual (does not affect anything, as far as I can tell).

Here you can see how to set default values

["Option 1", "Option 2", "Option 3", ...]

Hi Oscar,

You are right, it is just a visual. Hoping in a future iteration that is resolved because it could be a little misleading.

For the default value, we don't want to hardcode it to a value since this should be pulling from the data the user selected row.

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Hopefully, we'll have a fix for the visual bug soon! You can certainly make Oscar's solution dynamic - either by adding square brackets to a dynamic value, or by passing in a dynamic array