Select db resource from ui (select field) on which they want to work on

We want to use retool to build a ops tool for operations team where our folks can select the database of different clients to work on.
For example, If I have to work on client A, I will use client A db in my ops tool or if I want to work on client B, I will use client B db in my ops tool.

How can we do that, or I will have to create a copy of our ops app for each of our client

Hey @pmoolrajani! We don’t support dynamically changing database or table names inside of queries. You don’t need multiple apps, but your options would be:

  • Creating a query for each client manually inside of the app or in the query library
  • Creating a query that gets all relevant client info for all clients, that is then filtered down based on a dropdown or some other component to filter by client.
  • Something else I’m not thinking of?

Thumbs up to this request.

We're using Firebase Realtime Database as our main database, however, we'll need to start sharding the database into multiple databases. As far as I understand, we'd be stuck with manually having to create duplicates of all queries for each database we'd have right?
So if we have 10 shards, we'd end up with 10x for each query.

It would be great to have a feature like a "resource group" that could dynamically switch between resources of the same type (ie. Firebase databases or SQL databases etc.).
Unless I'm missing something?