Scaling a Retool app across multiple customers

Hi all.

I have built an app for a customer, and am now getting interest from other companies.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the best way to scale a Retool app?

I have 2 options in mind.

  1. Create a separate app & database etc for each customer. Great for data separation / security etc, but not so good for code sync
  2. Have 1 app for multiple customers. Much better for code management, but would need logical data separation in the DB (Firestore), and similar in the app.

Any thoughts or experience around these options (or other options) would be most welcome.

Many thanks


Both options require a fair amount of discussion and understanding of how to design architecture to support your ideas and definitely not something that could be conveyed in this forum in writing. More than willing to discuss but your suggestions require a more in depth understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish on either front.

If you do end up doing this, I am very interested in how you end up doing it and any lessons learned.

Hey @ScottR - it would be great to have a chat about this - even at a high level for the time being. Whilst there is no huge rush, I am starting to make some design decisions that might be painful to unravel!



Hey @bradlymathews - I'll be sure to update this thread once we have got into the weeds a bit.

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