Ability to create new retool resources & app-level queries without using the UI (ie CLI or API)

Is there currently any way to create new resources/queries in retool via an API or CLI? Would something like this be possible?

The pain point we're running into (that this would help resolve) is with having to create many resources/queries in retool's UI.

Example with more details:
We have separate AWS accounts per business client, and we have a dropdown in retool to select which account you would like to view s3 files for (client-A, client-B, client-C, etc). For each of our growing list of clients, we have to go in and duplicate queries using a client specific s3 resource. The queries are virtually the same, but take time to duplicate and modify.

Is there anything like this currently available or on the roadmap? Open to other suggestions if there's an easier way to manage this issue


Hey @tgilland

Thanks for reaching out! Welcome to the community :blush:

I don't believe we currently have a supported way to do this, but I moved this thread to our feature requests section so that other users who are interested in this can chime in

Hi Everyone! This would be really neat. A terraform would be even better. Has any progress been made here? Can we upvote :smiley:

Hi there! Thank you for checking in on this. Yes, some progress has been made :slightly_smiling_face:

We now have a Retool API, which you can learn more about here, and there is an alpha project for using the api to create resources. We don't have an api for generating queries yet.