Seeking to Publish a Page for an Unspecified Large Audience

Dear Customer Support,

Greetings! I have a page that I want to make publicly accessible to an unspecified number of users. If I try to achieve this using Retool, it's important that the page can be viewed without requiring users to register. I believe this is possible with Portals and embedded apps. To fulfill this requirement, would the business plan be the most suitable option?

Looking forward to your guidance.

Best regards,

takuya kokubu

Hi @t.kokubu!

Based on your needs, the Business plan sounds like a good choice as it offers both the Retool Embed and Public Apps features.

With Retool Embed, you can generate a URL for seamlessly embedding Retool apps in your existing portals without user registration.

Using Public Apps, you can create a public link to share your Retool applications on the internet to anyone, not just authorized users.

Also on the Business plan, you have the Retool Portals feature which lets you cater your internal apps to users, matching your brand aesthetics!