Seeking guidance on repositioning a component based on the visibility of adjacent components

Hi there,

I have two buttons and a toggle button placed horizontally side by side, as shown in the image below. These components are visible based on user type or dependent status.

I want to position the buttons so that they align to the right side of the form footer depending on the visibility of the other button. For instance, if button 2 and checkbox 3 are hidden, then Button 1 should align to the right side of the footer. Currently, in my form, all three components remain in the same position regardless of their visibility.

How can I achieve this alignment based on visibility?

@jk2K can you help me with this?

Hey @nizaeros, this is n't currently possible. We do have an internal ticket tracking this request, and I've added you to it. I'll update you here as soon as I have any new information to share. It's not on the near term roadmap, but it is a layout pattern that we are thinking about.