Button Group Overflow Is Cutoff

Good afternoon,

I have a button group in a container with a few other elements as follows:

I have the height of the container set to auto, but when the page is resized, causing the button elements to overflow the length of the component, it doesn't change the height of the buttonGroup component and therefore is cutoff by the container:

I understand I could create a Javascript query controlling 4 individual button components to replicate the behavior of the button group, but is there any way to make the default component responsive either by shrinking the width of the buttons proportionally to their component size, or by increasing the height of the component to reflect the wrapping?

What I have found to be the best way to get around this is setting the container with the right height according how many rows the button group will become if the page is resized... I do not believe there is a native way for this to be done, at least for now - AFAIK

Hi @jfarm

I've moved this to feature requests & will post back here if I get any internal updates