Seeking Guidance: How to use Retool API endpoint for external app integration?

Hey Retool community!

I'm working on integrating data from my Retool app into an external application, and I'm wondering how to find the API endpoint for Retool and if there are any required credentials for authentication.

I can see there is ability to generate the API endpoint in Retool, but how can I use it if I want to connect an external app to get real-time data from my retool app? Additionally, if there's a tutorial or guide available, I'd greatly appreciate the direction!

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hey @Islam_AlAfifi! Great question, thanks for asking. To help move this thread closer to an answer, thought I'd chime in to ask some clarifying questions. Sounds like you've seen our Retool API docs :slightly_smiling_face:

To confirm your use case/requirements -- are you looking to embed your full Retool app into another external application with Retool Embed? And/or are you looking to bring your Retool's app usage data into another application? Or something else? When you say "I can see there is ability to generate the API endpoint in Retool" are you creating a Resource to a third party REST API, or you're using the actual Retool API :grin: ?

Some more detail will help us all point you in the right direction and make sure we can share the most relevant advice. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer. I'd like to get data of my retool tables from another external web app. How can I achieve this?

In other words, suppose that I've table customers in retool (attached to AWS athena SQL query), so how can I get this table details from outside retool?

Hey @Islam_AlAfifi! Unfortunately there is no API for grabbing your Retool table data from in an external app. The Retool API referenced above is for managing your Retool instance. But as @kbn mentioned embedding your app might be an option to show that table in your external app. If you are not on a plan that supports our embedding product, then you can use a public app and embed that instead.

Hi @joeBumbaca, I apologize for the delay. Thank you for following up. If I'm on the business plan, does it allow me to use Retool API endpoints to retrieve the outputs (data) of queries (such as SQL queries) used in Retool, and use it elsewhere? Of course, this would be done after authenticating with the API key.

@Islam_AlAfifi No, there are no endpoints that allow you to retrieve the results of queries that are returned in a Retool app. If you have an external endpoint, you could send the data there after a query has been completed. But there are no endpoints available that can retrieve any data from a Retool app. As mentioned above, you could embed the app as another option as well.