Creating an App with inbound API requests


I'm new to Retool however I am already seeing the great potential it has for quick prototyping, data creation and mapping.

I'm starting to dig a little deeper into my sandbox of an App; But what I cannot figure out (if at all possible) is how I create an API for external systems to communicate into my App/db mappers?

I fully understand that I can get my Retool App to communicate to external APIs on other platforms. But I wish for the other way around; so I can get an external systems to GET/POST data from my Retool App.

I can't even figure out how to get my App live with a public URL.

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction?

It sounds like you want to explore the Workflows feature -- there you are given a webhook URL to use to kick-off retool processes which can then feed your app DBs, transform data and then use RestAPI queries to send data back to your external systems.

Thank you - I have explored this today and I can see how this will work. Certianly around webhooks, and the response node around that.

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