Searching all workflows

Hey Retool Team,

I am unsure if this feature is currently available, but I think it would be incredibly valuable to have the ability to search across workflows for specific functions. Additionally, it would be very helpful to see which workflows utilize other workflows. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to have visibility into which apps are currently using specific workflows.

This feature would greatly assist in debugging and adding new features to existing experiences. It would help in identifying where various components are located and understanding their interconnections.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @zach_b!

Thank you for the feedback! Can definitely pass this along to the eng team.

Could you elaborate more about the 'functions' you want to be able to search for?

We have a feature called Query Library for sharing queries across multiple Retool Apps, but it sounds like you want to be able to search for where a Javascript query/function is located at across apps, correct?

We are also working on a workflow mapping feature so stay tuned! I can send along feedback for increasing visibility of which apps are currently using specific workflows.

Hey @Jack_T

What I mean is having the power to properly search the entire organisation, almost as if it was a codebase on VSCode and you can search for anything. So not only functions (I was referring to query names) but just a more powerful search so Retool becomes more of a cohesive tool rather than scattered pieces where we have to make documentation to ensure we keep track of where things are placed and how flows are set up. It would immensely speed up development and make Retool one of, if not, the best low code tools out there.

Appreciate the response. Thanks

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Thank you so much for the feedback!

I agree when using many apps with greater levels of complexity it can be very tricky to keep track of things for organizing for when needing to make changes.

I will create a feature request ticket for this. I think it would be a fairly large undertaking so it likely won't come out soon but will definitely be on our to-do list!