Global search thru all apps and queries in the account

There is no way to search for specific query in case of performance issue. Yesterday we have faced such problem and all we had at that moment - info from postgre what query is overloading the server. Since there are several developers and some of them even left the company it was a bit of a challenge to find that query. I exported all apps to JSON and used text search.
Retool already have "Search anything" on the main page. Is it possible to expand its' search ability to find some text in queries?

Hi @mtroinin thank you for bringing this to our attention -- others have asked about this as well, and I'm linking your request to our internal ticket about it. I'll keep you posted on any developments on this front, and will update this thread accordingly. :slight_smile:

Hi @alina.retool!

I was wondering if there's been any progress on this "Global Search" feature - this would be super helpful for us to ensure that migrations and refactoring don't break our existing Retool ecosystem

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Hey @jbretool123

For the moment the project is on hold but still on the radar! We'll pass along updates here when there's more progress.