Auto generate documentation for Retool Workflows

I've had a quite search and couldn't find other threads for it; it would be killer if documentation could be generated about Workflows using context of the inputs / steps / logic. I've come across another tool for use with Zapier+Airtable which essentially autogenerates documentation and dependancy changes and this would be such a value add within Retool give the tight knit of the different services. Operator

For example, our team has several workflows which are triggered via webhook / from Retool Apps that transform data, sync updates to our CRM, update Slack. It would be incredibly useful if on new version deployed, there could be technical and non technical documentation automatically generated that I can share with the team so the knowledge and understanding of how it works doesn't just sit with the couple of us that manage workflows.

If I could generate a plain language description of the workflow overall, plain language descriptions of each step's function and inputs/outputs, and some kind of technical doc containing expected inputs with each update, maybe what Retool apps can trigger the workflow and what external services are updated as a result, that would be utterly insane. Currently we are (badly) documenting these changes by hand and this would help us immensely.