Reusable/Modular Workflows

I like to set up workflows to perform specific functions and then chain together multiple workflows for more complex functions. This allows my workflow logic to be more modular and reusable, allowing me to use the same function in multiple workflows and only need to change the function once for it to affect all of my workflows. As this is a common best practice I must imagine many other developers in ReTool do something similar.

However, because of the way workflows are billed, this gets really expensive because each component workflow run as part of a compound workflow counts as a successful workflow run. Say I have a workflow that calls four other workflows, each time that workflow runs, it would count as five workflow runs (one for the compound workflow, four for the components).

Does anyone know of a better way to develop with modular logic like this but not needlessly run up the workflow bill? This billing design incentivizes users to write all of the logic explicitly in each workflow - as a result you pay less if you make it harder for yourself to use Retool.

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Agreed. It wouldn't be so bad if there was an easy way to copy and paste modules between workflows, but that doesn't seem possible either.

It'd be ideal if they only counted the main workflow.

Thanks Mike! FWIW I've found copy paste works ok if you are 1) using a bunch of code blocks and 2) have consistent variable and block naming convention - because then you can just copy paste the code.

Thank you, @KevinChu and @Mike1! This is great feedback. We created the FR and we'll update you with any news from our devs.

I'll leave this topic open to collect +1s from other users. :slightly_smiling_face: